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How to start?

  • Get a license
  • Get a launcher
  • Use the launcher to download a mod packet
  • Play


You get the game license from https://www.minecraft.net. There is a Java version and a Windows 10 version. Each version has each own crowd of plugins which can not be used from the other version. Multiplayer is not compatible between the two version.

This page is about the Java version.

When you have the license, don't download Minecraft directly. You will want to play one of the many, many modpacks that exist and these are complete, you only need a license to play these.


I prefer the Technic Platform with its Technic Launcher.

When the launcher installation is started, it will perhaps tell you that you need Java with a certain minimum version and direct you to download Java. You will most probably need the 64bit version. Get it, install it.

Try the Technic Launcher installer again.

Now you will need to enter your Minecraft(!) EMail and Password. NOT the data for the Technic Login but for the Minecraft account!

When the installer is done, close the launcher. Now copy or move the downloaded TechnicLauncher.exe to the folder where you just installed Technic. Create a link to it on the desktop. (drag/drop the .exe with the right(!) mouse button)

When you are logged in, select "MODPACKS" and either use one of the once you are shown or enter one which you can search for on their site. If the pack is public, you can search in the MODPACK search field for it like "LoTRCircles" and then install it. If it is not public, you'll need an Url like "https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/industrialslacker.782822" to be able to download it.

After installation of the mod pack, you are finally nearly ready to start it.

In the upper right you'll see "Launcher Options". Here you'll probably want:

  • General Settings
    • Start in Modpacks Tab: Yes (Checkbox)
  • Java Settings
    • Memory: 4 GB (perhaps more or less, depending on your system, some larger ModPacks would like to have 5 GB or more, I give 8 GB currently)

NOW you can "PLAY".


  • Singleplayer / Create new world
    • name (whatver you want)
    • Game Mode:
      • Survival: Default! You must eat, you can die and resurrect, there are monsters, resources have to be gathered.
      • Hardcore: Survival with one life only.
      • Creative: No eating, no dying, endless resources, you can fly. No danger.
    • More World Options:
      • World Type: important! Default is ok. Large is the same but you can waste hours in real time to get somewhere. NOT for your first game!
      • World Generator: leave empty for now. Allows you to recreate a certain world.



It is possible that some/many/all things I write about are only possible in SinglePlayer. Since my ex girlfriend does not like me any more I have to play alone all the time.

Chunk loader

  • Dimensional Anchor, 9 Iron + 4 Gold
  • Teleport Tether, 8 Iron + 1 Lapis Lazuli
  • Others: very expensive

There are multiple ones in this mod pack but the cheapest one should be "Teleport Tether". No idea why anyone would name a chunk loader that way. They did not want normal players to understand it and use it? No idea. It is just so fricking stupid to name it like that, I am mad. It should keep a 3x3 chunks area around it loaded, the default key to see chunks is F9.

If you place a Teleport Tether in the Nether (any other Dimension?) you have to visit the Nether once after a server/game restart for it to keep the chunk loaded. So... just use the "Dimensional Anchor" if you have the gold.


They will only attack you if you look at their face. I read. I just never look directly at them if I don't want to fight them. IF you want to fight them, consider the "Athame". Special anit-Endermen weapon.

Teleport items/energy/fluids

  • Tesseract if you have the resources and want it clean and simple
  • Phased Pipes if you don't have the infrastructure yet or just like them more... why?

Watch charge/count/quantity

  • Energy Link Card + Storage Monitor, Energy only, Redstone signal for threshold.
  • Energy/Liquid/Counter Sensor Location Card + Industrial Information Panel (+ Information Panel Extender)

There is a Time Card too and you might need one (or many) "Range Upgrade" if the distance between monitor and storage is too large.


These values are from an internet search. Not sure how correct these are.

Mining Heights
Ore Best Min Height Best Max Height
Copper 40 55
Tin 0 40

Transport Pipes

Transport Pipes
Pipe Name Function Additional Information
Wooden Transport Pipe Extract from chests, machines and others Needs power. Redstone or other engines or an Autarchic Gate. Use the wrench to select if there are multiple possible sources.
Adv. Wooden Transport Pipe Extract from chests, machines and others, whitelist or blacklist Needs power. Redstone or other engines or an Autarchic Gate.
Emerald Transport Pipe Extract from chests, machines and others, everything in the whitelist must be there Needs power. Redstone or other engines or an Autarchic Gate.
Cobblestone Transport Pipe Transports items Some machines/pipes don't connect to this
Stone Transport Pipe Transports items
Sandstone Transport Pipe Transports items, does not connect to machines/blocks
Iron Transport Pipe Transports Items, allows only one direction Use the wrench to modify
Redstone Transport Pipe emits a Redstone signal when an item is passing through it
Obsidian Transport Pipe Collect items around. With engines the radius enlarges
Golden Transport Pipe accelerate items Bad for the PC/server => avoid
Diamond Transport Pipe Filter
Phased Transport Pipe Teleport items
Insertion Transport Pipe Inserts in container if possible
Distribution Transport Pipe Evenly distribute to every output
Switch Transport Pipe Stops items when receiving a Redstone signal
Closed Transport Pipe Normal transport. When other pipes would drop an item, this pipe will instead delete the oldest items
Void Transport Pipe Delete items

Remote Pump

  • don't forget the chunk loader or it will not pump when you are not there, neither where you get the liquid (oil/lava) or where you store it
  • Phased Waterproof Pipe + Wooden Waterproof Pipe to get the liquid from a normal tank to the teleport.
  • Phased Waterproof Pipe + Stone Waterproof Pipe to get the liquid from the teleport into a normal tank.

If you use Tesseracts you can just put one near the pump and another one at the tank and configure them. No need for pipes.


Thermal Expansion / Buildcraft

  • Magma Crucible to create Molten Redstone for the Liquid Transposer
  • Liquid Transposer for "Energy Cell Frame (empty)" => "Energy Cell Frame (full)"
  • Energy Cell as Battery

  • Power Cable first: Wooden + Golden Conductive Pipes
  • Power Cable later: Redstone Energy Conduit

  • Stirling Engine with Coal/Charcoal
  • Magmatic Engine with lava from the Nether is good (put a chunk loader and a pump with teleport (Phased Pipes or Tesseract). Do NOT connect them to "Redstone Energy Conduit", this will only give 1/10 of the potential output. Connecting to a "Energy Cell" will output the maximum power. No idea about other cables. You can connect 5 Magmatic Engines to one Energy Cell and use the 6th side of the energy cell to use Redstone Energy Conduits to lead the power somewhere.
  • Combustion Engine would be the best, but it is dangerous. Can explode. Needs water and must be able to output the power. Otherwise: BOOM. You can have everything correctly setup, don't care about it for a while and then booooom, because you underestimated how much water your Combustion Engines need. Or your machines have nothing to do and the batteries or Energy Cells are full and the engines can't output their power and BOOOOOM.


  • Generator
  • Geothermal Generator (use Lava from Portable Tanks)
  • Copper Cable


When using NEI you can search for recipes from a certain mod only. Different versions of ... some mods (really don't know if it is NEI or something else) make you use different inputs.

  • just @ and a part of the mod name
  • @mod and a part of the mod name
  • @Mod and the exact mod name and everything with correct upper-/lowercase.
@Mod.Logistics Pipes

The last one is the one I have currently to use with Tekkit-Lite.

Gates (BuildCraft Transport)

Gates can be put into BC Pipes and react on conditions. Like:

  • Energy Cell not full => send Redstone Signal (which might then activate your Steam Engines).
  • Tank with Lava not full? => send Redstone Signal

Conditions: (I am pretty sure these are not all possible conditions. I did not test the nuclear reactor for example. There are sure others I forgot or did not have.)

  • Pipe Empty
  • Items Traversing

  • Redstone Signal On
  • Redstone Signal Off

  • Inventory Empty (Needs inventory of course)
  • Items in Inventory (Needs inventory of course)
  • Space in Inventory (Needs inventory of course)
  • Inventory full (Needs inventory of course)

  • Tank Empty
  • Liquid in Tank (We need something here. Guess)
  • Space for Liquid
  • Tank Full

  • No Energy
  • Energy Stored
  • Can Store Energy
  • Full Energy

  • Active Output Links (Tesseract)
  • No Output Links (Tesseract)

  • Capacitor Empty (ic2 machine)
  • Capacitor has Energy (ic2 machine)
  • Space for Energy (ic2 machine)
  • Capacitor Full (ic2 machine)
  • Discharging Empty Item (ic2 machine)
  • Discharging Partially Charged Item (ic2 machine)
  • Discharging Fully Charged Item (ic2 machine)
  • Machine On (ic2 machine)
  • Machine Off (ic2 machine)

  • Engine Blue (BC engine)
  • Engine Green (BC engine)
  • Engine Yellow (BC engine)
  • Engine Red (BC engine)
  • No Energy (BC engine)

The Pipe with the Gate does not even have to be used. You could put a Cobblestone Item Transport Pipe to a tank and ask if the tank is full or not.

But if the pipes with the gate are useful you can put "Pipe Wire" on the existing pipes to send a signal somewhere else. Compact!

  • An Assembly Table to create stuff.
  • A Laser (not the IC2 Mining Laser) for energy. You can use multiple lasers for faster construction. 5 Block radius. n to n is possible. 1:n, n:1 ...
  • Energy into the Laser (Buildcraft Energy, MJ)

Autarchic gates on pipes can be like an active redstone engine. Wooden pipes are the most common way to use this, I guess. This is much better than the normal design with a redstone engine and a lever. Just a wooden pipe and an Autarchic Gate and you can pump out of the container. Much easier to design your workflow.

Minium stone recipes not working

If the recipes for the minium stone are empty, close MineCraft completely and start it again. Not just back to where you can choose between SinglePlayer and Multiplayer, exit the application completely.


naming your computer/turtle

If you use turtles name them with

label set <name>
label set Miner 1

That way they keep their fuel after you use

refuel x

and you don't have to drag the the turtle AND the turtle's fuel around.

There might be the disadvantage that you will have to copy custom programs somehow to the labeled computers and turtles, so keep that in mind.

write code for your computer/turtle

You should only write code inside the turtle/computer if you are doing small and quick changes. Normally you should go on your real computer to your MineCraft installation and then to something like


In "labels.txt" you will see the id/label mapping for your devices, something like

8 Miner 1

In this case there should be a directory called "8" where you can add/change the programs for your turtle/computer with the id 8 if you already created/modified a program after setting the name. Here you can use something like Notepad++ or whatever you prefer. If the folder does not exist yet, just create it.

Then you can really write code instead of fighting the UI of the ComputerCraft editor.

To test this, just create in the directory "8" a file "startup" with this content:

write( textutils.formatTime( os.time(), true ), " on day ", os.day() )
write(" Id:" .. os.getComputerID() )
write(" Label:" .. os.getComputerLabel() .. "\n")

then switch to the computer/turtle and test it by typing "reboot". Btw, this is a normal program, so you can test it too just by calling "startup" if you are in the correct directory (cd /).


Multiple Wikis
ComputerCraft.Info links

sometimes down for hours, but if the server is up: good source for info and examples

print / write

Print can get multiple arguments, will call tostring() for each argument and will automatically add a newline at the end:

print("Id:", os.getComputerID(), " Label:", os.getComputerLabel() )

will output something like:

Id:8 Label:Miner 1

Write does not add a new line automatically (you can output one with "\n") and multiple arguments have to be connected with "..":

write("Id:" .. os.getComputerID() )
write(" Label:" .. os.getComputerLabel() .. "\n")

will output something like:

Id:8 Label:Miner1

Minecraft/ic2 (Tekkit-Lite)


Minecraft/Buildcraft (Tekkit-Lite)

Phased Pipes

Phased pipes teleport items, liquids or buildcraft power. There are three types of phased pipes, each one for one type of transport.

Here you can see how to send from a Redstone Energy Cell, using a "Wooden Conductive Pipe" and a "Phased Conductive Pipe": Mc-phased-pipe-send-power.png

Here we receive with a "Golden Conductive Pipe" and a "Phased Conductive Pipe" Mc-phased-pipe-receive-power.png

Of course you have to set the phased pipes to meaningful values:

  • sending versus receiving
  • either both public or both private
  • same channel number

Minecraft/Mystcraft (Tekkit-Lite)


For a good book

  • Terrain generator, clear modifiers
  • Length, phase, direction, sun, clear modifiers
  • Length, phase, direction, moon, clear modifiers
  • Length, phase, direction, stars, clear modifiers
  • Biome, biome, biome, biome controller, clear modifiers
  • Features/materials/stability/aesthetic/weather pages go here, clear modifiers

Tekkit-Lite-Mystcraft-1-of-2.JPG Tekkit-Lite-Mystcraft-2-of-2.JPG


  • The order matters sometimes. There are two broad types of Mystcraft pages: "Standalone" pages, and "Modifier" pages. Modifier pages have to be in front of the Standalone page they modify. (Think of Standalones as the "nouns" and Modifiers as the "adjectives".)
  • Biome pages are Modifiers---they must appear in front of the Biome Controller (so, "Swampland Biome + Desert Biome + Plains Biome + Large Biomes").
  • Material ("Block") pages are modifiers, and have to appear in front of whatever structure/age element is to be made out of that material (e.g. "Creosote Block + Surface Lakes, or "Stone Block + Water Block + Standard Terrain")
  • Color pages are modifiers, and must go in front of whatever they're changing the color of (e.g. "Navy + Foliage Color")
  • Phase (Zenith, Rising, Setting, Nadir), Direction (North, South, East, West) and Duration (Zero Length, Half Length, Full Length, Double Length) pages are modifiers, and have to appear in front of the celestial object they're modifying (e.g. "Zenith + Zero Length + Normal Sun" to give you an eternal day age).
  • However, Standalone pages can go in any order you like---and each of the "groups" of Modifiers + Standalone page I listed above can appear in any order, as long as the Modifiers stay directly in front of the Standalone page they're associated with.

source: https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/1xe48t/myst_craft_help_stable_dense_ore_age/cfaxjqo/




  • Containers
    • Better Barrels
    • Deep Storage Units
    • Chests -> Iron Chest -> ...
  • Pipes:
    • Transport: (Stone) Transport Pipe
    • Filter into container: Clay Transport Pipe
    • Output: Servo + Itemduct/Fluiduct (needs Hardened Glass -> Induction Smelter)
  • Energy Cable: RedNet Energy Cable
  • vs. Enderman: Athame (1 stick + 1 silver ingot)

Big Reactors

Big Reactors

  • Needed Graphite Bars can be created from Coal or CharCoal in a Smelter
  • Minimum size: 3x3x3
  • Right Click on Reactor Casing tells one currently missing part
  • Needed parts (not in a corner):
    • Yellorium Fuel Rod: Inside
    • Reactor Control Rod: Outside: Above Fuel Rod
    • Reactor Controller: Outside
    • Reactor Access Port: Outside (Main resource in and waste out)
    • Reactor Power Tap: Outside (Here comes your new tasty power)

Minecraft/Tekkit Legends

Tekkit Legends


Forestry -> Making new Princess Do you have a Beealyzer? Those are pretty vital when you're trying to do this.

Bees use Mendelian genetics (two genes per trait, and some traits are dominant while some are recessive), and the species (Forest, Meadows, Steadfast, Wintry, etc.) is no exception.

The Steadfast drones you found are Steadfast/Steadfast, meaning that both of their "species" genes are Steadfast genes. If you breed them with a Forest princess that you got out of a beehive, she's going to be a purebred Forest bee so her genes will be Forest/Forest. Therefore, the offspring are all going to inherit one Forest gene and one Steadfast gene.

Because the Forest gene is dominant and the Steadfast gene is recessive, any bee that inherits one Forest gene and one Steadfast gene will always express the Forest gene.

(To "express" a gene means that that is the gene that determines that trait: in the Beealyzer, you'll see this as the gene showing up in the "Active" column). Therefore, your first generation of crossing a Forest princess with a Steadfast drone will always produce Forest/Steadfast offspring.

What you want to do now is take that Forest/Steadfast princess and cross her with a Forest/Steadfast drone, and then some of the offspring will be Forest/Forest, some will be Forest/Steadfast, and some will be Steadfast/Steadfast. But you MUST use the Beealyzer, otherwise you won't be able to tell the Forest/Forest bees apart from the Forest/Steadfast bees.

Keep breeding Forest/Steadfast princesses with the drones that have the most Steadfast traits in them (Steadfast/Steadfast if you got one, or Forest/Steadfast otherwise) and eventually you'll probably end up with a Steadfast/Steadfast princess.

Once you have one Steadfast/Steadfast princess and one Steadfast/Steadfast drone, you're all set: breed them together and you're guaranteed to get more Steadfast/Steadfast offspring.

--rmunn (https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/7jzxk0/ftb_beyond_forestry_making_new_princess/)


No Sound in client (MineCraft)

There might be missing files in the resources folder of MineCraft.

Try this: Media:MineCraft-MissingSounds-Fix.zip

Creative World / Change time / Day to night

In the chat window ('t') input:

/time set day



  • MineCraft Server Java Files
  • Java (I am using OpenJdk for Tekkit-Lite)
  • screen
apt-get install default-jre screen unzip

Script for starting the server: (launch.sh)

cd /home/mc/tekkit-lite
java -Xmx2G -Xms1G -jar TekkitLite.jar nogui

Make lauch.sh executable

chmod u+x launch.sh

Cronjob of the user mc for starting minecraft:

@reboot . /etc/profile && screen -S Tekkit-Lite -d -m /home/mc/tekkit-lite/launch.sh

Cronjob of the root for the daily restart of the server:

0 7 * * * /sbin/shutdown -r now

Connecting to the MineCraft console:

ssh mc@yourServer
screen -r

Leave the screen, but keep it running: Hold "ctrl", then press once "a" and after that press once "d" while you still hold "ctrl".

server.properties: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Server.properties


change the whitelist.json file:

“uuid”: “xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxxx”,
“name”: “user1”
“uuid”: “xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxxx”,
“name”: “user2”
“uuid”: “xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxxx”,
“name”: “user3”
  • get the uuid per user
  • don't have a comma after the last user

To get the uuid I now do it this way:

  • let the user try to connect
  • check the server output for
[id=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx,name=GoodGuy,properties={},legacy=false] (/ lost connection: You are not white-listed on this server!
  • whitelist him
/whitelist add GoodGuy
  • if needed, edit the UUID, use the id from the above line (the real one, not xxx...)
  • reload the whitelist
/whitelist reload