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Minecraft/Tekkit Legends

Tekkit Legends


Forestry -> Making new Princess Do you have a Beealyzer? Those are pretty vital when you're trying to do this.

Bees use Mendelian genetics (two genes per trait, and some traits are dominant while some are recessive), and the species (Forest, Meadows, Steadfast, Wintry, etc.) is no exception.

The Steadfast drones you found are Steadfast/Steadfast, meaning that both of their "species" genes are Steadfast genes. If you breed them with a Forest princess that you got out of a beehive, she's going to be a purebred Forest bee so her genes will be Forest/Forest. Therefore, the offspring are all going to inherit one Forest gene and one Steadfast gene.

Because the Forest gene is dominant and the Steadfast gene is recessive, any bee that inherits one Forest gene and one Steadfast gene will always express the Forest gene.

(To "express" a gene means that that is the gene that determines that trait: in the Beealyzer, you'll see this as the gene showing up in the "Active" column). Therefore, your first generation of crossing a Forest princess with a Steadfast drone will always produce Forest/Steadfast offspring.

What you want to do now is take that Forest/Steadfast princess and cross her with a Forest/Steadfast drone, and then some of the offspring will be Forest/Forest, some will be Forest/Steadfast, and some will be Steadfast/Steadfast. But you MUST use the Beealyzer, otherwise you won't be able to tell the Forest/Forest bees apart from the Forest/Steadfast bees.

Keep breeding Forest/Steadfast princesses with the drones that have the most Steadfast traits in them (Steadfast/Steadfast if you got one, or Forest/Steadfast otherwise) and eventually you'll probably end up with a Steadfast/Steadfast princess.

Once you have one Steadfast/Steadfast princess and one Steadfast/Steadfast drone, you're all set: breed them together and you're guaranteed to get more Steadfast/Steadfast offspring.

--rmunn (https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/7jzxk0/ftb_beyond_forestry_making_new_princess/)



Minecraft/ic2 (Tekkit-Lite)


Minecraft/Buildcraft (Tekkit-Lite)

Phased Pipes

Phased pipes teleport items, liquids or buildcraft power. There are three types of phased pipes, each one for one type of transport.

Here you can see how to send from a Redstone Energy Cell, using a "Wooden Conductive Pipe" and a "Phased Conductive Pipe": Mc-phased-pipe-send-power.png

Here we receive with a "Golden Conductive Pipe" and a "Phased Conductive Pipe" Mc-phased-pipe-receive-power.png

Of course you have to set the phased pipes to meaningful values:

  • sending versus receiving
  • either both public or both private
  • same channel number

Minecraft/Mystcraft (Tekkit-Lite)


For a good book

  • Terrain generator, clear modifiers
  • Length, phase, direction, sun, clear modifiers
  • Length, phase, direction, moon, clear modifiers
  • Length, phase, direction, stars, clear modifiers
  • Biome, biome, biome, biome controller, clear modifiers
  • Features/materials/stability/aesthetic/weather pages go here, clear modifiers

Tekkit-Lite-Mystcraft-1-of-2.JPG Tekkit-Lite-Mystcraft-2-of-2.JPG


  • The order matters sometimes. There are two broad types of Mystcraft pages: "Standalone" pages, and "Modifier" pages. Modifier pages have to be in front of the Standalone page they modify. (Think of Standalones as the "nouns" and Modifiers as the "adjectives".)
  • Biome pages are Modifiers---they must appear in front of the Biome Controller (so, "Swampland Biome + Desert Biome + Plains Biome + Large Biomes").
  • Material ("Block") pages are modifiers, and have to appear in front of whatever structure/age element is to be made out of that material (e.g. "Creosote Block + Surface Lakes, or "Stone Block + Water Block + Standard Terrain")
  • Color pages are modifiers, and must go in front of whatever they're changing the color of (e.g. "Navy + Foliage Color")
  • Phase (Zenith, Rising, Setting, Nadir), Direction (North, South, East, West) and Duration (Zero Length, Half Length, Full Length, Double Length) pages are modifiers, and have to appear in front of the celestial object they're modifying (e.g. "Zenith + Zero Length + Normal Sun" to give you an eternal day age).
  • However, Standalone pages can go in any order you like---and each of the "groups" of Modifiers + Standalone page I listed above can appear in any order, as long as the Modifiers stay directly in front of the Standalone page they're associated with.

source: https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/1xe48t/myst_craft_help_stable_dense_ore_age/cfaxjqo/



  • MineCraft Server Java Files
  • Java (I am using OpenJdk for Tekkit-Lite)
  • screen
apt-get install default-jre screen unzip

Script for starting the server: (launch.sh)

cd /home/mc/tekkit-lite
java -Xmx2G -Xms1G -jar TekkitLite.jar nogui

Make lauch.sh executable

chmod u+x launch.sh

Cronjob of the user mc for starting minecraft:

@reboot . /etc/profile && screen -S Tekkit-Lite -d -m /home/mc/tekkit-lite/launch.sh

Cronjob of the root for the daily restart of the server:

0 7 * * * /sbin/shutdown -r now

Connecting to the MineCraft console:

ssh mc@yourServer
screen -r

Leave the screen, but keep it running: Hold "ctrl", then press once "a" and after that press once "d" while you still hold "ctrl".

server.properties: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Server.properties


change the whitelist.json file:

“uuid”: “xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxxx”,
“name”: “user1”
“uuid”: “xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxxx”,
“name”: “user2”
“uuid”: “xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxxx”,
“name”: “user3”
  • get the uuid per user
  • don't have a comma after the last user

To get the uuid I now do it this way:

  • let the user try to connect
  • check the server output for
[id=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx,name=GoodGuy,properties={},legacy=false] (/ lost connection: You are not white-listed on this server!
  • whitelist him
/whitelist add GoodGuy
  • if needed, edit the UUID, use the id from the above line (the real one, not xxx...)
  • reload the whitelist
/whitelist reload