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Prototype with Windows 10

  • Head to,
  • download the file, extract it, (password is on the page I linked)
  • pick your preferred FoV (I'd recommend Even Higher) and replace the in the game's directory. Otherwise you're locked into 720p or below.
  • Before you launch the game, you have to go into task manager,
  • right click on Steam,
  • go to details,
  • right click Steam.exe, Set Affinity and
  • untick all but CPU 0-3. Otherwise the game will crash.

  • If your monitor is above 60Hz,
  • go into your AMD or NVIDIA control panel,
  • set the 3D settings for specific program, find Prototypef.exe or click Prototype if it's available,
  • force the max FPS to 60 or set your refresh rate to 60Hz and
  • turn Vsync on. Otherwise your mouse will be jittery and experience horrible acceleration.



Put this into the Prototype folder (backup the old one) to use the desktop resolution for Prototype: