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Where to find

  • Battery Charger fragments: ca. 750m North: a room , -388,-108, 612 F1 or Map (1st and 3rd coordinate)
  • Power Cell Charger fragments: -788,-200-788 (not verified yet)
  • Cyclops Hull fragments: Mushroom Forest, Sea Treader's Path, East side of Mountain Island
  • Cyclops Engine fragments: Aurora, Crag Field, Crash Zone, Mountains, and the Underwater Islands Wreck, East side of Mountain Island
  • Cyclops Bridge fragments: Crash Zone, Mushroom Forest and Sea Treader's Path, East side of Mountain Island

Good for Alien Containment

  • Bladderfish: Water
  • Reginald: Food
  • Oculus: Fuel (Bio Reactor)


F1 - Day/Night scalar 0-1

  • 0.0 = Midnight
  • 0.2 = Dawn
  • 0.5 = Noon
  • 0.8 = Dusk


Subnautica Mods
Mod Name Mod Description Mod Link Extra Information
QModManager 4 Needed by other mods
SMLHelper Needed by other mods
VersionChecker Needed by other mods
CustomCraft2 Needed by other mods
Aquarium Breeding If you have at least two of a kind, you get more of them. Half the existing ones are added per event.
BetterPowerInfo Adds detailed power production and consumption information for the habitat
Convenient Craftables 2.0 Adding Craftability to otherwise un-craftable items
Craftable Big Filtered Water
Craftable Salt
Cyclops Laser Cannon
Cyclops Nuclear Reactor
Cyclops Bio Reactor (not on Nexus any longer)
Cyclops Simple Solar (not on Nexus any longer)
Explosive Torpedo And now, welcome the first explosive torpedo in Subnautica!
Kelplent Tired of carrying around both food AND water? Bored with normal fabricator fare? Tired of salty fish on long trips? Kelplent may be for you!

It's a full meal in a little bottle, specially designed to sustain your needs!

Comes in standard and ultra-concentrated formulas, depending on the software version your fabricator has.
Laser Cannon (Seamoth) Craft with: Vehicle Upgrade Console.
   If you upgrade your Seamoth with this item: simply switch on with quickslots button and press and hold left mouse button for fire.
Map Mod adds a map to the PDA on "Beacon Manager" tab.
Craft metals from fish
More Cyclops Upgrades (not on Nexus any longer)
MoreIngots This mod adds compressed variants of all the basic resources to save storage space.
MoreQuickSlots Adds up to 12 quick-slots with hotkeys! Built for QMods
Pickupable Storage Enhanced Allows you to pickup carry-alls and waterproof lockers which are not empty, and even open them from your inventory by clicking the middle mouse button.
Radial tabs If you have a lot of new options you will not be able to see/use them without this mod!
Reggie Bars and Water Jugs Adds the Reggie Bar (+100 food) and Water Jug (+100 water) to the fabricator.
Resource Monitor A new base item in game that when placed will show all the items that are kept within lockers in your base or cyclops.
Rotate MoonPool This mod allows to rotate the moonpool when this is the first base element or at least 30 m from the other base elements.
Scanner Module This module allows to scan objects within Vehicles.
Slot Extender Slot Extender 2.5.1 allows you to use 12 upgrade modules simultaneously in the Seamoth and the Prawn Suit.
SwimChargeInventory Swim Charge Fins (and Ultra Glide Swim Charge Fins from More Modified Items if you have it installed) will now also charge your inventory tools if you have no held tool or if it is fully charged already.
Tech Pistol 2.0 Advanced Multipurpose Energy Pistol.

Tech Pistol An advanced multipurpose laser pistol.

How can I make this pistol?  This mod now has custom Fragments to scan to unlock the recipe that can be found in the Degassi Bases and in the Lost River.

Once unlocked you can build it in the regular Fabricator under the Personal/Tools tab.

Batteries: This pistol will now accept all batteries and power cells that will fit in either the battery charger or power-cell charger.

Modes: You can use AltTool (default: F Key) to change the mode of the pistol.

All Modes: Left Hand = Normal Interact

Laser: Display = Living target name and health. Right Hand = Laser

Damage = X Heat Damage per second. Breakable chunks hit will be damaged. Drillable Resources hit will be damaged.

Cannon:  Display = Living target name and health. Hold Right Hand = Charge Cannon and fire when fully charged.

Damage - X Explosion damage in X meter radius. Breakable chunks in range will be broken. Drillable Resources withing range will be broken.

Scale Up: Display = Living target name and current scale. Right Hand = Scale Up X size per second. Deconstruct (Default Q Key) = Reset Scale to 1.0 Living things that increase above 10x normal will be killed.

Scale Up: Display = Living target name and current scale. Right Hand = Scale Down X size per second. Deconstruct (Default Q Key) = Reset Scale to 1.0


Targeting Range: Range: 1 - 200 Meters Default: 40m

Cannon Damage: Range: 1 - 1000  Default: 150

Explosion Range: Range: 1 - 100 Meters Default: 15m

Laser Damage: Range: 1 - 100  Default: 2

Scale Up Speed: Range: 0.01 - 0.3  Default: 0.02

Scale Down Speed: Range: 0.01 - 0.3  Default: 0.02

Mods currently being tested

Subnautica Mods
Mod Name Mod Description Mod Link Extra Information
Craftable stalker tooth
DockedVehicleStorageAccess Build the new "Vehicle Storage Access" and get access to the docked vehicle's inventory.
  • Inside - Takes ingredients from the neighboring storages only inside the base or inside the Cyclops.
  • InRange - Works at a distance of 100 meters from the base or Cyclops.
  • AutoCraft - Allows you to automatically make the missing ingredients. But materials and energy are also required for this.
craftable tabl coral sample