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Private Shards

language of the client

In uo.cfg insert as first line


to switch the client to the english language.

Ultima Online Enhanced Client


Spinning Wheel

If you want to spin yarn from cotton or other sources, the following macro can do that for you:

  • just the resource (for example wool)
  • Wait For Target
  • Cursor Target Stored
    • When you add this, select the spinning wheel you want to use
  • Delay 5.0 seconds
  • Enable Repeating: 10


Now you want to use the yarn to get a "Bolt of Cloth": Here I use a different method. You should be able to use each method for Spinning Wheel and Loom but it seems sometimes only one of these methods work.

  • Create a macro with just yarn in the first slot.
  • Rightclick the slot with the yarn and select "Target Stored"
  • With the appearing cursor you select the wanted loom
  • There is no need for a delay
  • Enable Repeating: 10