What Web Novels teach us about China

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If you read a lot of web novels you realize there are certain patterns that are there in 90-100% of the web novels from China.

Funny thing is, I would NEVER have had that idea about China if not for these patterns appearing in so many (hundreds) of web novels.

The law is not important

What you can see in nearly ever Chinese web novel is the utter unimportance of the law.

The ONLY thing of importance is, if the guys you know have higher political influence than the guys the other party knows.

Even the best of the web novels follow this. The protagonist might have some powers or is very good in martial arts or whatever. Sometimes - very, VERY seldom - they even win using their brain.

But it is ALWAYS the political network that keeps them out of prison. Always.

My question would be: Is this the normality in China?

(Chinese?) people are stupid

The Chinese web community and the rest of the world do share some resources, but most of the Chinese web "community" is behind good enough working firewalls INSIDE China. So the web novels should describe the Chinese internet community, not the world's internet community.

Someone says something on the street or on the internet, people have an opinion and 99% just follow what he says.

I mean, yeah, sheep behave that way, right? But humans? Perhaps the schools in China brainwash all Chinese people to be sheep?


I have to say, I don't get it. I have no idea what is happening there.

It is always the same kind of stupid story:
People responsible for a certain area (sect, city, district, country, planet, alliance of planets) gather "the best of the best", the young geniuses of the era and then have them fight to the death. Because of reason X. "X" is always something so stupid, I don't care to remember.

They kill most of the geniuses of the current generation. This is so stupid, I have no words. And I have no idea where THAT idea might come from. Is there something really, REALLY bad happening in China? Or are the authors just stealing from each other and all are stupid?


Chinese people don't get numbers. They really don't.

In 50% of all web novels I read the numbers switch between mentioning by factor 10 to factor 100000. When it were 200 Million dollars the last time, it is 200 dollars now. 20000 becomes 2000 or 2000000 and no number is safe from these guys.

Perhaps, perhaps it is the fault of the translators. I only read the English version of these novels, so it might be the translators. But I don't really think so. I have the guess that most of China's people have problems with numbers. This should not be possible. As far as I know there are really smart guys in China who can do things we only dream of. So, no idea how this can happen, but I stand with my opinion that a lot of Chinese people don't get numbers. Proof me wrong. Create web novels without these errors.

Chinese people don't value gifts

Whenever someone gifts someone else something, the first and in most cases the only question is: "How much is it worth?"

A protagonist goes to another country into the deep sea and gets something very unique and very beautiful as gift. What is EVERYONE'S ONLY question? "How much is it worth?" "Oh, we don't know the price, it must be worthless, he just picked it up, what a cheap gift it is.".


Chinese people look at the car, clothes, shoes, wristwatch and hair cut to evaluate others. If there is no brand on these items, the guy/girl must be of no importance, we can behave like assholes.

There is no reasoning, no checking of comfort or other attributes things might have. There is just the check for monetary value. That's it. If the things you wear were expensive to buy, then you are good to go. Chinese people don't think. They just look at monetary values.


It seems that all stars in China are prostituting themselves at some point because they have no other way. Protagonists who create corporations where artists can do their job without having to have sex with their superiors seem to be heroes.

It makes me mad to think such a society exists in our current days, but it seems in China you have to be a prostitute if you want to become a star.

"Oh, she wanted to get into that movie without having sex with person x, how stupid is she?"


If you don't like what I wrote above, proof me wrong. Don't behave like the normal Chinese internet "community".

Make the authors change their way of writing to something which does not make people think this way.

By the way, I don't care what you think. Really not.